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We will work for you every step of the way! Our combination of skill, experience, and technology ensures that we can sell your home for the highest possible price and in the shortest period of time.

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What to expect when Selling with me

  • Pricing expertise: We will determine the best price for your home by analyzing comparable home sales in your area with current market conditions.

  • Marketing: We will create a comprehensive marketing plan for your home including MLS® listing, social media posts, and other strategies to reach potential buyers.

  • Showings and open houses: We will schedule and manage showings and open houses to give potential buyers a chance to view your home.

  • Negotiations: When an offer is made on your home, we will negotiate on your behalf to help you get the best possible price and terms.

  • Contract preparation: We can help you prepare the necessary paperwork, including the purchase agreement, disclosure forms, and other legal documents required for the sale of your home.
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The selling process

From start to finish, we'll be right their

When you consider it, there are several other homes for sale competing with your property. We will help you price your home competitively to attract qualified buyers. The way we do this is by generating a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) report, which will show you a range of prices being paid for homes in your region. You can complete our online form to get a feel for your home's market value.

Prepare listing

We'll assess your home's value and, using market research, set your sale price based on many factors. We'll take great photos of your home and prepare marketing materials to show your home to as broad an audience as possible.

Showing your home

Going through our buyer contacts and existing leads along with promotional campaigns and open houses, we'll expose your home to many interested buyers. We'll also arrange private showings for those who want a more personal and in-depth viewing.

Negotiate the sale

Negotiating a sale can be a stressful and tense time for a homeowner. We will handle any offers and counteroffers on your behalf and take care of all the paperwork needed. Our goal is to get you a fair price and terms in a smooth and timely manner.

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Ready To Go To Market?

Benefits of using a REALTOR® to sell your home

Benefits of using a REALTOR® to sell your home

Consider the following benefits of working with a REALTOR®.

The best asking price for your home

The best asking price for your home

Learn about setting a realistic price for your home that reflects current market trends.

Drive up appeal: Get your property ready to show

Drive up appeal: Get your property ready to show

Remember, a potential buyer’s first impression of your house is formed while sitting in a car.

How to get top dollar for your home, fast!

How to get top dollar for your home, fast!

Use the following tips to seize control of the home-selling process before you begin.

A manual to prepare your home for selling

A manual to prepare your home for selling

You never get a second chance at a first impression.

Tips for showing your home

Tips for showing your home

Concentrate on the following areas to ensure your home is ready to show.

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Selling a home can be a complex process, but with the right preparation and guidance, it can also be a smooth and successful experience. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you sell your home and achieve your goals!

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